TCU Victim Advocate Program

Founded in 1996, the Texas Christian University Victim Advocate Program provides campus and community resources for students who are victims. This includes, but is not limited to: assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual harassment, stalking, bullying, sexual assault, and prior assault. The program is designed to assist individuals in the recovery process by providing information, support and resources. The advocate’s goal is to empower and support the victim. A victim is strongly encouraged to report the offense to the TCU Police (on-campus crime) or the Fort Worth Police if the incident occurred off-campus. While it is the objective of TCU officials that perpetrators of crime be arrested and prosecuted, the University will honor choices made by individual victims of crime, when at all possible. Individuals victimized by a crime are encouraged to use the resources and support provided by the TCU Victim Advocate Program. For more information about this program, call Campus Life – Dean’s Office 817-257-7926 or stop by the Campus Life Dean’s Office in Sadler Hall room 2006.

Sexual misconduct is a serious issue and any allegation of misconduct should be shared with a University Official.  Please review the following brochure (sexual misconduct brochure) which provides information regarding resources and how to report sexual misconduct incidents.

The following is a partial list of campus and community resources available to help victims of crime. If you need help choosing an agency, please call the TCU Campus Life – Dean’s Office at 817.257.7926.

TCU Police (24 hours) 817.257.7777
Campus Life Office 817-257-7926
TCU Counseling Center 817.257.7863
TCU Health Center 817.257.7940
Office of Religious and Spiritual Life 817.257.7830
Title IX Office 817.257.8228
Rape Crisis Center and Victim Services (24 hours) 817.927-2737
SafeHaven of Tarrant County 817.536.5496
Fort Worth Police 817.392.4222
John Peter Smith Hospital (24 hours) 817-702-3431
Tarrant County District Victim Assistance 817.884.2740


TCU Compliance Officers

Human Resources maintains a list of Compliance Officers. Please view this list for your specific need.