Student Conduct 

The University’s Disciplinary Process is housed in the Campus Life- Dean’s Office. The Disciplinary Process is educational in nature and designed to help students understand expectations and accept responsibility for their own actions. TCU students are expected to abide by all city, state, and federal laws and all policies of Texas Christian University. Students are held responsible for their behavior both on and off-campus. The mission of the discipline program is to support the University Mission to educate students to think and act in an ethically and socially appropriate manner. Student conduct, therefore, is an integral part of the education process.

The Code of Student Conduct outlines student behaviors prohibited at TCU, but is not exhaustive. Any conduct may be considered inappropriate and prohibited if it is inconsistent with the University’s mission, vision, or core values. For detailed information related to the discipline process and the Student Code of Conduct, reference the TCU Student Handbook.



All proceedings under the Code are confidential. All proceedings and all documents generated by the process are confidential under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).